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New York Comic Con 2014 sketch - X-23

commission list AND nycc sketch list are both open. for more info: mtakaraart@yahoo.com

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We’re friends now.  You get that, right?  Friends take care of each other. Like family.  You have family, X. You have us.

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get to know meme → 10 characters

1. laura kinney/x-23

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marvel comics meme // five costumes [1/5]
laura kinney’s all new x-men costume

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It’s been ages since I last drew a Marvel character. Had a ton of fun with it too. Since I did the whole thing in one sitting, there might be a few things that could be off that I haven’t noticed (like how big her hand is -_-) With that said, here’s your Marvel waifu drawing! Now there’s only 2 requests to go and I’ll be all wrapped up here B)

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all new x-men #20

short haired laura (◡‿◡✿)

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Jubilation Lee & Laura Kinney
— But…you know…if you ever want to talk about anything…anything at all… I’ll be there for you. We’re friends now. You get that, right? Friends take care of each other. Like family. You have family, X. You have us.
 What if…there are some things I cannot put into words?
 Words are overrated. You pick up the phone…and we’ll be quiet together. I just want you to know you can count on me.

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Some Laura and Sooraya. HNNNGG <3 Such cute friends


Some Laura and Sooraya. HNNNGG <3 Such cute friends